Interview with Mads Ostberg

More than deserved victory for Mads Ostberg during the rally in Sweden, the Norwegian driver won in the WRC2 PRO category aboard his Citroen C3 R5, despite the lack of time for preparations. On the occasion of this victory Mads Ostberg to grant to an interview of which here is the story:


Sportautomoto: Congrats on your win in the Swedish Rally, did everything unfold the way you hoped? Especially on the car’s handling or track conditions?

Mads Ostberg: Thank you. We’re happy with the result getting maximum points on our first event. Handling wise there is definitely a job to do, we’ve taken some steps, but there is still a job to do to make the car fully competitive.

Sportautomoto: How does it feel to drive a less powerfull car compared to a WRC car?

Mads Ostberg: I have to admit at first it was a bit frustrating, when you really want to compete on the top level. I don’t think the power is not the biggest challenge but the aero and car handling it’s a much bigger step.

Sportautomoto: Can you give us an idea of how it feels driving through the notoriously tricky Swedish rally?

Mads Ostberg: Sweden is one of my favorite rallies. This year it was a bit different than previous years because of our lack of time to develop the car on this surface, so it was a matter of getting through, and get maximum points.

Sportautomoto: In terms of onboard tech that is constantly being developed on the car, how much does it help in these tricky conditions?

Mads Ostberg: I’m not quite sure what you mean. If you mean if we have any instruments etc in the car, we have no help inside the car – except for my co-driver. 

Sportautomoto: Whats the feeling like on Colin’s crest, knowing that you are matching WRC jump distances?

Mads Ostberg: It’s always cool to fly over Colins, and I think I was only 1 meter behind this year’s winner. BTW it’s actually easier to jump further with the R5 cars – so I should in theory grabbed the trophy this year as well. hehe


Sportautomoto: Any future rally plans?

Mads Ostberg: WRC2PRO series with Argentina up next, and in addition Rally Otago New Zealand

Sportautomoto: Did the idea of participating in a Historic rally such as ‘Maroc Historique Rally or ‘Tour de Corse Historique’ travel through your mind?

Mads Ostberg: Maybe for the future.

Sportautomoto: The FIA is planning to converge WRC cars into hybrids or electric, as a fan of loving to hear the redline of your engine on every jump, what’s your opinion on the FIA’s trajectory?

Mads Ostberg: I’m also a big fan of the engine sound, and it’s a big part of the experience, but at the same time, motorsport is moving into the future, and I see it as inevitable. I think it’s better to welcome it, than work against it, because that’s the direction we’re headed.



article produced in collaboration with Ahmed Belkady.

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