In the wake of generally rising costs, the Nürburgring is also forced to adjust its prices for tourist drives to current developments. From 2023, a lap on the Nordschleife or a stint on the Grand Prix track will be raised by five euros each. The adjustment is the first in six years in which the Nürburgring has been able to keep conditions stable. The price for the season card is also going up. Here, the track operator is offering a lucrative early booking discount until 10 January and includes exclusive Nürburgring offers and benefits for season card holders.

Nürburg. „Of course we are also affected by the price increases that can be felt everywhere,“ explain Christian Stephani and Ingo Böder, Managing Directors of Nürburgring 1927 GmbH & Co. KG. „After six years, we are therefore forced to adjust the lap prices for the tourist drives again for the first time.“ In this context, efforts had been made to find a solution that was as moderate as possible, taking into account all the framework conditions. A stint on the Grand Prix track will therefore cost 35 euros from next year. On the Nordschleife, a lap will cost 30 Euros during the week and 35 Euros on weekends and public holidays. The price adjustments also affect the season card. With it, users can drive unlimited laps of the Nordschleife and Grand Prix track during opening hours.

Tourist Travel Season Ticket – exclusive benefits and early booking discount
Anyone who buys a season card until 10 January 2023 will get it at the special price of 2,500 euros – after that, the new regular price of 3,000 euros will apply. The sale will start on 13 December this year. Holders will benefit from exclusive advantages. These include free participation in backstage tours, a track walk on the Nordschleife and a cinema evening exclusively for season card holders. Discounts on products in the official ring°fanshop, courses at the Nürburgring Driving Academy, overnight stays in the Nürburgring Hotels and Ferienpark managed by Lindner or photos from as well as other benefits of the Nürburgring destination are also included. 
An overview is available here.

The tourist drives on the Nürburgring
The tourist drives on the Nürburgring are an offer for everyone. The rules are quickly explained: anyone in possession of a driving licence and a registered car or motorbike can drive on the Nürburgring during opening hours. It is not a racing event and takes place according to the rules of the road traffic regulations. For example, the right-hand driving rule applies, overtaking is only allowed on the left and timekeeping is prohibited.

> opening times and rules for the tourist

Source: Nürburgring

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